28 September 2014

Café Arte!!!

What an amazing evening it was. Again, I was honored to share the stage with my favorite gents: on piano (Sebastian Altekamp) and (Ingo Senst) bass. It is always a  very  beautiful, intense, creative process with these masters of the trade. I would like to thank the wonderful, sold out audience who watched and listened... Read More
23 May 2014

Premier of “Somewhere called home”

Somewhere called Home What a beautiful evening it was… Thanks to those who made it out to share it with us. My travel companions Ingo Senst, Sebastian Altekamp and Ben Bönniger, were amazing as always, taking turns at leading us all down different paths, each of us following out of curiosity and a deep sense... Read More
01 May 2014

finding home…

  I had a wonderfully inspirational rehearsal with Sebastian Altekamp and Ingo Senst yesterday! Ingo and I were welcomed by hot coffee and the familiar scent of Bosse’s mud room… :-) We added six new tunes to the program “Somewhere called Home” a musical journey in search of a place called home. Looking forward to... Read More
Never Let me go // Subterranean Dream
  1. Never Let me go // Subterranean Dream
  2. Should we or Should we not // Subterranean Dream
  3. Can’t we be friends // Stephanie K. - Subterranean Dream
  4. I’m a fool to want you // Stephanie K. - Subterranean Dream