Jazz Vocalist Stephanie K. - a brief biography

Jazz vocalist, Stephanie K., presents her 4th solo recording, A Word Before You Go—a collection of songs inspired by the many facets of life: love, loss, nostalgia and humor. Eight of the thirteen songs on the recording are the singer’s original compositions. Stephanie also penned her lyrics to three existing compositions, written by jazz greats, Joe Locke (A Word Before You Go—the title track), Geoffrey Keezer (Honu), and Emanuel Hauptmann (Breaking Ice). She included two interpretations that follow the emotional vibe—Joni Mitchel’s Big Yellow Taxi, and Lennon and McCartney’s She’s Leaving Home. Lose yourself in the beauty of jazz conversation, woven by pianist Sebastian Altekamp and bassist Ingo Senst; ride the rhythmic waves created by drummer Christian Schoenefeldt and percussionist Markus Paßlick, and bathe in the colorful shades of sound from Christian Kappe (tr/flh).

Taken collectively, the songs which comprise A Word Before You Go represent an honest and compelling personal narrative from Ms. K., who is in fine voice and is supported by a team of top-notch musicians. Music with humor and heart from a singer who possesses both in abundance.-Joe Locke-

With the 2007 release of “Subterranean Dream”, Stephanie K seemed to emerge like the Venus of jazz“ with a fully-developed style that is more in keeping with that of a veteran artist. Her voice has a presence that immediately captures your attention, drawing you into her sphere of musical influence, emitting flashes of Aretha Franklin, Carol King, Diana Krall and Billie Holiday. But Stephanie K is no derivative jazz singer; she is a true original, and she has at her command an impressive level of musicianship, with the phrasing, intonation and time sense of the seasoned jazz musician.  Stephanie K’s musical tastes run to rich, rarely-heard ballads that are brought to life by her torchy vocal style, fresh renderings of canonical popular tunes, vivid transformations of chestnuts from the American songbook, and original compositions that hover somewhere between nostalgia and melancholy, only to surprise her listeners with a fast talking tale woven with wit and innuendo.

“Subterranean Dream” was co-produced by pianist Aaron Goldberg and bassist Reuben Rogers, who along with Eric Harland create a nearly perfect complement to Stephanie’s vocal style, surrounding her with a rich texture that rarely intrudes, expanding on her implicit harmonic and rhythmic statements.

In 2010 Stephanie K served up a cocktail of winter evergreens and traditional holiday classics, this time remaining on the European side of the pond. The recording features custom penned arrangements for string quartet, jazz ensemble, and voice. Included in this mix are also a work by contemporary composer Patricia Barber and the title track, “In the Silence of the Snowfall” written by Stephanie K. From warm and cheerful bossa vibes to melancholy blues, and contemplative jazz ballads, this recording offers something for every winter mood.

Stephanie K performs in a variety of musical situations. Her projects range from intimate duos with piano, bass, or guitar, expanding to classical jazz combo, and extending to string quartet or big band. She has performed in many international festivals, and private celebrations, including functions and clubs in Europe, the US and Tunisia. Stephanie concentrates on expanding and enriching her repertoire by cooperating with musicians both in Europe and the US.  Stephanie K enjoys the richness of these diverse musical conversations, and is able to weave her style within them. Thus, she tells a unique story, which she spins with the threads of her own life and offers with emotion to her audience.