Date : 19 / Sep / 2018
Time : 19:00
Address : Waldeyerstr. 51 Münster, Germany
Tel : +49 16091910237
reservation required!

An Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Art

Waldeyerstr. 51 Münster, Germany
We would like to invite you to an evening of jazz and contemporary art. This musical conversation will feature— to a large extend—our new album. It  will take place in the intimate setting of my home, and will be interwoven with a selected series of contemporary art presented in both slide show and catalogue display by Cila Brosius.
Join us:  Stephanie K.—vocals; Sebastian Altekamp—piano; Ingo Senst—bass; Christian Kappe—trumpet/flugelhorn; Christian Schoenefeldt—drums; and Markus Paßlick—percussion for an evening filled with sights and sounds that make us all feel alive: nostalgia, joy, sadness, laughter and love.