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Date : 14 / Dec / 2017

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campaign from Oct. 30th-Dec. 13th!!!


Sound clips from “A Word Before You Go”

Watch your step (Stephanie K.)

The Bold  (Stephanie K.)

Take Me Back  (Stephanie K.)

Side Dish  (Stephanie K.)

Honu  (Geoffrey Keezer/Stephanie K.)

If I had Sister  (Stephanie K.)

Ignorance is Bliss  (Stephanie K.)

She’s leaving Home (Lennon/McCartney)

Don’t Friend me on Facebook  (Stephanie K.)

Breaking Ice  (Emanuel Hauptmann/Stephanie K.)

Big Yellow Taxi  (Joni Mitchell)

Adjusted to Your Silence  (Stephanie K.)

A Word Before You Go  (Joe Locke/Stephanie K.)